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About Jarrod Cash:

Jarrod Cash is an Advertising and Marketing Consultant & Copywriter, specializing in the field of Direct-Response. He is the author of the book "Direct Mail Rules!" and the creator of The Ultimate Customer Attraction System.

Jarrod began designing direct-response advertising and marketing for clients in 2003, creating a series of direct mail campaigns for an auto repair shop that were tremendously successful, bringing in an almost unbelievable $20 in sales for every $1 spent on the marketing campaigns.

Since then, Jarrod has worked with small businesses & entrepreneurs in dozens of different industries, creating marketing and advertising systems that consistently increase sales and customer loyalty.

In addition to working with small businesses, Jarrod has also written advertisements and sales copy for best-selling books, international seminar speakers & top Internet marketers.

Jarrod's adventures in business have included being the 'No BS' Business Adviser to Southern Colorado for the Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circleâ„¢, teaching his mentor Dan Kennedy's marketing methods to local businesses & entrepreneurs via monthly group meetings, seminars and Masterminds. He is the owner of Direct Results Marketing, now based in Las Vegas. In addition to helping his clients across the US, he also speaks at seminars & bootcamps for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Aside from Dan Kennedy, Jarrod has studied under and taken courses from many advertising & copywriting legends such as: Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, John Carlton and more.

Jarrod currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his daughter.

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